Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Player Tips Season 2010/2011 - First Thoughts

With unlimited transfers available before the whistle blows for the first match in English Premier League it's a good time to start tinkering with your Fantasy Premier League team. As always, every contender starts with £100M and his or her imagination when starting to collect player for their respectable teams. We're also again faced with same choices of strategies one can use in Fantasy Premier League.

It's up to you to choose which strategy might be the most advantageous, but when it comes to picking your players, there are always those cornerstone players who you want to build your team upon. First tough choise we face is the goalkeeper.

You want to have one goalkeeper, who you know you can count on to play practically every match. Chances are this goalkeeper will come from the TOP 3 - priced goalies Cech, Reina, Van der Sar. Out of those three my tip would be to go with Van der Sar from ManU. ManU starts the season with 3 relative easy looking matches against Newcastle, Fulham and West Ham. Van der Sar is also a goalkeepers who will start virtually every match.

In the defence my hint for the start of the season 10/11 would be Everton's Leighton Baines. Baines gathered impressive 138 points last season in fantasy soccer and is a great bet this season too. This assist-machine has made 16 assists in the last 2 season of Fantasy Premier League and with Everton's high hopes I think will only improve his perfomance.

Argentina's Carlos Tevez in action..FIFA World Cup 2010 Quarter Finals..Argentina v Germany..3rd July, 2010.Midfield has almost every season been the deciding factor when looking at the winners and losers in FPL. And one player you simple always should have in your team plays in midfield, that is of course Frank Lampard from Chelsea. Last season it took him a while to get in the form, but after that he excelled as the BEST player in English Premier League. His price is £13M but it might as well be £20M and he'd still probably be in half the teams. Except no substitutes...

Strikers. What can I say about them. They have always been my achille's heel in Premier Fantasy League. But there is one forward who will surely be in my FPL team. Manchester City's Carlos Tevez. Tevez also took a while to get his groove on last season, but with 210 points collected, ended up as the 3rd highest pointstack. I predict this season of Fantasy Premier League he will seriously compete for the number 1 spot.

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my team is jaskelinen elmohamady terry evra bale charlie adam adam johnson essien tevez berbatov chamackh subs van der sar samba hangerland barry ferguson is it good or who should i have in