Monday, September 19, 2011

Premier League Soccer goes GW 6

Football is great, fantasy soccer exciting, but some gameweeks you just wish you could forget as quick as you can. I've already had my share of those this season, as it seems my football team has faced it all: injuries, red cards, missed penalties... You name it, my make believe soccer team has done it....And I bet you know the feeling too, odds are you know it right now...

This GW I got 2 red cards (Klasnic, Adam) and a missed penalty by Rooney(also happened to be my captain so...) I'm not exactly happy with the players carrying my fantasy football jerseys. How about scoring a goal once in a while, boys!

Well, luckily there's always another GW ahead in fantasy soccer, so let's stop dwelling in the past and head forward, all the way to GW 6. Here come the tips for Fantasy Premier League!

Manchester City ended up with only a draw from Fulham, which I must say was the biggest surprise of English Premier League last GW. Now they return to their homefield and welcome Everton as their opponent. Everton took a convincing 3-1 win over Wigan but I doubt they'll be able to stop the team with as much goal scoring ability as Manchester City. Aguero really seems to be cashing in on the expectations, and is on his way of becoming another striker who you just have to have in your team to succeed in fantasy Soccer. It's really exciting to see, who will be the top goal scorer this season in English Premier League, Rooney or Aguero. If I was the betting type, I'd bet big on Manchester City, again.

Tottenham Spurs' first 2 matches didn't promise too much, but it seems they are getting the hang of it. Watching their EPL match it seemed Emmanuel Adebayor was all over the field against Liverpool and scored 2 great goals. Also Luka Modric scored along Defoe. Heading against Wigan, I think they'll continue on their newfound game and all three are to be considered for your own fantasy sports football team.

Queenspark Rangers go against Aston Villa, and that match is going to be English Premier League soccer at it's finest. Two teams that are just about getting their game working and both desperately wanting a win. Aston Villa's Agbonlahor has been in great form, and you should surely think about getting him for you Fantasy Premier League football team. Queenspark Rangers also have a few players that are hot picks right now. Wright-Phillips and Joey Barton. Cheap and very capable, sounds like premium fantasy soccer material.

Arsenal's defense is a mess, as you have surely figured out. But their offense is still quite powerfull. As Gunners play against Bolton, there is one player I'd have you check out before confirming your Barclays fantasy premier league football team. That player goes by the name of Mikel Arteta. This very skillfull midfielder scored a goal against Blackburn, and seems to be thriving in his new club. Also he's price of just over £8M is still actually not that bad for a midfielder of his calibre. Hottest tip this week I bet!


Gummi said...

Ouch! Unlucky with Adam and Klasnic this week. I was happy with my purchase of Adebayor. He looks like he will score loads this season. I agree that Wright-Phillips could be great pickup but I am surprised you would recommend Arteta. Personally, I wouldn't touch and Arsenal player until their form starts to turn.

Johnathon said...

I hear your point, but actually I'm starting to think that their form is turning.

Ok, as I said in the post, their defense has not been on top of it's task, but Gunners midfield and offense compare very well with every other team minus Manchester's and Chelsea.

And now that they made a couple of decent purchases before the trasfer window closed, one being Arteta, I'm confident that they can score goals and when Vermaelen returns, they might even win games... :)

Gummi said...

Could be. And in Fantasy terms, it doesn't really matter whether Arsenal plays well, as long as Arteta is scoring Fantasy points.

What is your take on Aguero? Do you think he is a must-own player? I'm starting to suspect that any team that wants to finish high this season will have to own both Rooney and Aguero.

Johnathon said...

At the moment it really does seem that way.

Of course it is odd spending almost a quarter of the money to just 2 players, but if they keep coming up with these kind of scores, I think it's worth it.

Also I'm kinda having difficulties coming up with better players from the "high pay scale". You have to use the money somewhere... :)

Of course in the midfield there's Silva, Young and Nani but that's it.

And it also seems the new bonus system favours goal scoring players so if the choice comes between say Aguero and Nani...I'd probably go with Aguero.

So the long answer short, yes, having a front heavy team seems to be the way to go this season...

It does represent one big problem though, having both Aguero and Rooney...Who are you going to captain...? :)

Gummi at said...

I'm going to captain Rooney until his form dips. At the moment, I'm rating him in the same Fantasy bracket as Ronaldo in his heyday.

I haven't bought Aguero yet; I'm saving up my transfer this week and will give Suarez one more chance.