Monday, September 26, 2011

Premiership Football enters the 7th dimension

The King is Dead ( well, injured ) Long live the King!

The biggest shock in this week of premiership soccer was that Wayne Rooney (the aformentioned King) didn't play due to a injury acquired from practice. And boy did that show. Of course everyone knew that Stoke as a host wouldn't be giving anything for free, and in a way the Manchester United players were lucky to get even the one pt that they got. English Premier League just isn't the same without Rooney, and ManU really isnt.

Fantasy wise gw 6 will be remembered from Newcastle's Ba's hatrick and double goals by Chelsea's Ramires and Arsenal's van Persie. Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal all took home very convincing victories as did Newcastle.

Gameweek 7 in Fantasy premier league soccer starts with half of the managers asking theirselves: "What am I going to do with Rooney" It seems he might be out even few weeks, and that leaves us with many interesting options as to what to do with him. One could of course transfer him out and leave enough money to bank account to get him back when he gets fit. Of course you can keep him, as he might be back sooner to play some football.

If you would choose to substitute him the first and foremost option is of course Aguero, if you already haven't got him. He might even raise in value while Rooney isn't playing. Another good option is van Persie from Arsenal. As I said last week, Arsenal seems to be bettering its game and van Persie's 2 goals proved he's still got it.

Chelsea took a nice victory, even though mr Torres managed to get himself a red card. They go against Bolton, who isn't performing for whatever reason. There are 2 players in team Chelsea, that are very good to have in your fantasy football team, even for the long haul. Other one, is of course defender Bosingwa. The other one seems to be Ramires, solid opening player, who can also score it seems. Price 7M, that's a no brainer.

And of course I wouldn't go a week without giving you the tip of Manchester City. Blackburn has been pretty awful, and City players are going to score big this gameweek. So hold on to your Silvas, Dzekos and Agueros.


Gummi at said...

Do you have Rooney? If so, are you transferring him out? I stand to lose 0.3 if I need to get him back, so I'm hesitant to sell him. What's your advice?

Johnathon said...

I have Rooney, but at the moment I'm seriously considering transferring him out. And as I said in the post, my options are pretty much Aguero and van Persie. If only we knew how long Rooney is going to be out, one week you can bench him no problem, 2 weeks...

Gummi said...

Remember that there is an international break after the next game so Rooney will most likely be back for Gameweek 8 on October 15th. But the problem is the next two games after Norwich is Liverpool at Anfield and Man City at Old Trafford.

If Rooney is going to have a stellar season he will score in these games, but it should be harder.

In those two gameweeks RvP has two home games against Sunderland and Stoke, a very good matchup. He should score fantasy points.

Johnathon said...


I do think the transfer is the best choice at this time...

Gummi said...

News from Manchester: Rooney has been passed fit by Ferguson.

I'm holding on to him and likely captaining him this Gameweek.