Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Evolution of my Barclays Fantasy Premier League team - GW 16

It's been  a few weeks since my last post, but I thought now would be a good time to see what has become of my Barclays fantasy premier league team.

As you can see from the earlier post, only Silva has been able to keep his spot in the team, all the other players have been forced to give their places to more suitable fantasy football players.

Nowadays my team consists of:


Vorm and Begovich. 

So basically I only have a one goalkeeper, as Begovich isn't playing. I've been meaning to sell him for a while, but there has always been one more important transfer around. Luckily Vorm has been performing beautifully.


Vermaelen, Jones, R Taylor, Taylor, Simpson

This is the part of my team that still needs work. I've had my eye on Richards and Enrique for a while, but it may be I missed the train on both occasions as their prices have been steadily climbing. I'm very happy with Vermalen, Jones and Taylor, but not sure if Newcastles defenders are still up for the job, we'll see.


Silva, Bale, Mata, Sinclair and Johnson. 

I'm quite happy with my fantasy football midfield at the moment. The 3 first ones play always and 4th and 5th are up for rotation. Also the prices align beautifully, should a need arise to buy Nani, Young or maybe Adam.


Ba, Adebayor, Van Persie. 

Again I'm pretty happy with my forwards. At the time being I think these are the best options from each price point.

So what players do you have in your fantasy premier league team nowadays...?


Gummi said...

Good looking team you have.

The main thing missing, in my opinion, are Manchester United players for their upcoming fixtures.

Nani is looking good and I would try to get either him or Rooney in for the upcoming run.

Johnathon said...

Thanks. And I don't disagree, ManU players seem to be gaining momentum once again, and having quite favourable fixtures coming their way doesn't hurt either.

Still, at the moment I'm not ready to let go of Van Persie for Rooney, that leaves me with option to get rid of either Silva, Bale or Mata for Nani. At this time Im not ready to do that either, but I will keep my eyes open...

leighc10 said...

Definitely don't get rid of Bale for Nani as Spurs have an easy set of game coming up too (Swansea, West Browm and Everton)

Barclays Fantasy Football Fan said...

Just Wondering if your going to update where you stand? we're in gameweek 26 now and it seemed you were doing well.


nice formation

fantasypremierleague-tips.com said...

Site lokks well done, to bad ist a bit old posts! Hope you start again man!