Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How do you enjoy your English Premier League fantasy football?

Fantasy football can be enjoyed in many different forms. Of course one major way to do that is the part where your choosing and tweaking your fantasy football team. That's probably what your doing right now, when you're here on Fantasy Premier League tips blog. Key aspects of that are of course gathering information about football teams, hot football players, their conditions, their injuries, their fixtures. Then of course you want to get good advice and best fantasy football tips.

For this part of fantasy football, internet is the best place to go. Football information is everywhere online. It's also nice to change opinions with other fantasy premier league players and football enthusiasts.

Of course this part is only a foreplay for the best part. Saturday, and the new gameweek in English premier league. I myself stay tuned about premier league football by watching matches, at least 4-5 of them live. (That's 3 matches saturday, one sunday, one monday...) I also like to keep Premier League live score center open, because from there it's easy to check the formations, and statistics and substitutions. Of course you can also keep up with football goals and assists, as well as injuries.

Of course if I've been lucky enough to be in England and get tickets to English Premier League football matches I'll be watching the game live. And even though that's definitely a experience in it's own, I rather like watching my football at home.

The football matches I can't watch live, I watch afterwards, either whole matches or at least the best football goals made in them. Then of course after the games have been played, I go to Barclays Fantasy Premier League site, and check what is the total of my fantasy football team. That's also a great way to see how did I do in the work league.

And that leads us to one great part of fantasy football. The conversations at workplace. The hours after hours of thinking why did I do that transfer and why didn't I captain him and how in the world did he buy that player.

Man, isn't fantasy football just awesome?

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