Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anatomy of a perfect Striker

Strikers are a tough breed to predict in Fantasy Premier League. While they should be scoring goals in virtually every game, sometimes they hit a streak so cold, North Pole fades in comparison. But we are stuck with them, every Fantasy soccer team must have 3 forwards, whether we like it or not. So what makes a great striker? And how to find the perfect forward for your FPL team?

Strikers are expensive, they always have been, and generally, investing a lot money in them, hasn't been a smart move while playing fantasy premier league. Except... Last season, somehing really weird happened...You just couldn't succeed without having the now so hot forwards Rooney or Drogba in your team. Perhaps you even had to have them both in some gameweeks.

So, what to expect from the coming season of 2010/2011? Are the forwards going to keep making goals like they did last season? Will the be ones like Tevez and Bent who, while pretty affordable, score two goals in one game ALL THE TIME. Who knows. But these are some attributes you want from your strikers.

Striker should have a Consistent playtime.
You don't want to pay a lot of money for a player who doesn't make the starting formation. Players very rarely score if given 5-15 minutes of playtime per match.

Striker should play for a Winning team.
Wembley FA Cup final Chelsea v Portsmouth 15/05/2010 Didier Drogba (Chelsea) celebrates first goal Photo Roger Parker Fotosports International Photo via NewscomA forward can be as talented as none before, but if he plays for a team that can't feed him the scoring opportunites he needs...He won't score many goals.

Striker should have Little risk of injury.
While every player can suffer an injury one time or another, some are more prone to loosing matches due to an injury than others.

And then, remember. Forwards are a little like goalkeepers, when they do good, they get more confidence. And confidence is good. So if a striker starts scoring goals like never before, jump in to that bandwagon as early as you can.

The last question is of course, who are these great goalscoring strikers to have in your Premier Fantasy League team? Aside from the no brainers Rooney and Drogba, I say Tevez (Manchester City) and Saha (Everton) What do you think?


Anonymous said...

well.. keane is only 5.5 and rodallega, c.cole are 6.5. i think they are good guys to your team. anelka (9.0) is also buy.

Anonymous said...

boselli at 6m is a risk but scoring for fun in pre season and playing blackpool on opening day means he could be the one to watch this season.

Anonymous said...

van persie was scoring for fun at the beginning of last season before his injury.i think he will have an exceptional season this year and with easy opening fixtures, with the exception of the liverpool game,i believe van persie is guaranteed to get you goals early on...add in rooney and keane,who i believe will get more games and goals than people think this year, that is a formidable strikeforce!any comments

Johnathon said...

There's no doubt of Van Persie's talent but he gets so many tackles in the field, he's sure to injure himself during the early season... At least thats what I think... Rooney is of course a "no-brainer", he's going to score many many goals this season. And Keane is an interesting player for sure, hope he gets to open more games.

Anonymous said...

my team is jaaskelainen,carson in goals.
defence is evans terry dann carr dawson.
midfield is lampard malouda nzogbia lee and barton.
strikers are rooney chamakh and ameobi.any comments jonathan on my team

Johnathon said...

The beauty of this game is you can go a million different ways when choosing your team. Your team looks good in many ways, goalkeepers I'm not so sure of, Jaaskelainen is in my book just an ok goalkeeper and that he plays for Bolton doesn't make it any easier. Defence looks alright, midfield very good, and strikers look ok too. About Chamakh, as I answered to previous comment, I'd first see how he performs as many players take their time before they succeed in premier league. Just a thought :)