Sunday, August 9, 2009

Strategies to do good in Fantasy Premier League

I have a few Fantasy Premier League strategies that I have used in past seasons. Of course you still have to gather information about teams and players, but these strategies are a good starting point for selecting your teams.

Here are 2 of those strategies...

Strategy 1

Uneven players.

Remembering that in Fantasy Premier League you have 100M to buy your 15 players, one strategy is to invest your money to only those player that you put in play. In other words, you buy as cheap a substitute players that you can find, hoping that there wont be any need for substitutions.

An Example

100M divided to 15 is 6,6M, but if you buy the cheapest substitute players (usually about 4M a player) you get to use the remaining 86M to 11 "playing" players. That's 7.8M per player.

Of course the risk of this strategy is that if a need for substitutions accur, you propably wont get too many points from your substitutions...

Strategy 2

Gathering money.

This is a strategy that can be taken into play after few rounds have been played. It means after a round you go and buy a player that has made a lot of points. Because the rises in players prices come slower. So each round the value of your players rises, and after a while you can use your money to buy more enpensive players.


Anonymous said...

Hi, on the first strategy, if you buy the cheapest substitute players, that will be 4 players: 4m(a GK)+8m(two DFs)+4.5(a MF or a FW)=16.5 and 100m-16.5m=83.5m left for the first 11, which means 7.6m per player.

Anonymous said...

what formula is used to raise the values of players as the season progressess? If a certain percentage of people have them on their squad? Points garnered through time that rise the price exponentially as the season goes?