Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tips to succeed in Fantasy Premier League

There are many different strategies you can use in Fantasy Premier League soccer. However let's first start with a few tips that are the basic of many of those strategies.
When selecting players for your team, keep in mind that only players that get to play can earn points. So it's no point choosing players that don't get to run on the green, because of injuries or because they are simply not good enough. With few exceptions it's always wise to select players that are in starting formation for their soccer team.
Don't pay too much extra for players that are known names but who don't play to their ability.
Don't make too fast transfers, when you select a player be sure to give him a few weeks to show his abilities.
Some players are so called "bonus sharks", these players usually get good points from games even if they dont score, because of those bonus-points. You want these players on your team.
Keep eye on the fixtures. It's easier for players to score against weaker teams. Also a team full of defenders from a team playing against say Chelsea, is not a good idea.

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