Sunday, August 28, 2011

Time to go fourth - Premier League fantasy football continues

Wow, what a gameweek! Don't you just love soccer! My comment from last week about this season being evenly matched jumped out of the window. Both teams from Manchester dominated their opponents, and showed just how you play football. And how about that Dzeko! Not to mention Young or Rooney. Hopefully you captained one of the them.

So, how about gameweek 4 in fantasy premier league? First of course, take note that there's a 2 week break in premier league because international matches so gameweek 4 takes places September 10 trough 12. Looking at the fixtures, there are a few matches that jump out as great scoring possibilities.

Let's begin with Manchester City vs Wigan. Of course, you should definitely consider buying Dzeko, if you already haven't. £8.5M buys you six goals in 3 matches...I know I'd buy that. Also transfer Nasri played beautifully and is also worth mentioning.

Wolves go against Tottenham at their homefield, and it seems the Spurs are really having difficulties getting their act together. Wolves on the other hand has allowed a single goal in 3 matches, and seem to be playing at the peak of their abilities. Wolves defence is cheap and you should really look into that. Midfielders Jarvis and Hunt are both very good players, and have started the season strongly.

And ManU's Ashley Young, it seems there's no stopping him. At the moment he seems to be million miles away from similarly priced Malouda, Silva and Gerrard. So, if you already haven't got your fantasy premier league team filled with Manchester players, time to buy one more. :)


Gummi said...

Being a United fan, I love the game right now. It doesn't spoil matters that I captained Rooney this Gameweek. Although I wish I had picked Young instead of Nani.

I'm really considering Wildcarding this week to get Dzeko, Young, and a Wolves defender in, but I'm afraid that would be a little knee jerk.

Anonymous said...

you should go ahead for wildcarding

last min boy said...

Maybe I should consider buying Ashley Young of ManU's he's look better than his similarly priced player. Thanks for giving another round of advice mate.

Scribbles by Sandra said...

Just happened upon your blog whilst doing some key word search browsing. i don't know what it is but y'all are talking Premier League Fantasy so must be good! i started a week late so this is actually week 4 for my team. i am a Chelsea fan, ManCity coming in second. After i selected my team, which i did very poorly, i did some major transfers and regret not picking of Dzeko. Great team and advice about the Wolves. Thanks!