Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Third Gameweek in Fantasy Premier League Soccer

Fantasy Premier League gameweek 2 showed us once again, how even this years premier league is. There are only 3 teams that continue with 6 points. Those teams of course being ManU, ManCity and Wolves.

This gameweek, I again await big things from Chelsea. Their performance last week left a lot of room to improve, but I think that they will. Playing against Norwich at their home turf, the numbers might get ugly. Fernando Torres is still without a goal and in last game, we didn't see the best of him. Still, he's a great finisher, and will surely score many goals this season. Also Florent Malouda and Jose Bosingwa, are both in fine form.

Manchester United has played 2 great games, and they go up against Arsenal this gameweek. Arsenal has been suffering with injuries, and of course losing Fabregas and Nasri. ManU is a clear favourite, and Wayne Rooney just might continue his goal streak. Also youngster Wellbeck and Cleverley are both catches with their prices low at the start of the season.

West Bromwich has started the season valiantly, even though having suffered 2 losses. Those of course have been in the hands of ManU and Chelsea. Now at their home turf, it might just be a time for a win against Stoke. Striker Shane Long has scored a goal against both Manchester United and Chelsea and is truly a bargain find with a £6M pricetag.


Gummi said...

I agree on West Brom. I'm going for Chris Brunt myself, as I see him being central to most good attacking moves at the Brummies.

Interesting your take on Chelsea. I don't doubt they will be in the top four, but I would rather wait for them to hit top form before I gamble on their players. I also don't like the uncertainty surrounding Malouda following Mata'a arrival.

Thanks for the article.

Johnathon said...

Brunt is an exceptional player, who has shown time and time again that he can make it happen in the field. So good choice there.

It might be I have a soft spot for Chelsea, so I remain optimistic. Be it that they don't get their act together, and Torres especially, I might have to go a different route. And I doubt Mata will play today...We'll see soon enough :)