Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Best midfielders for your fantasy soccer team

So, what about midfielders. After all, they are usually the most important choices to be made in your fantasy premier league team. Many seasons have shown that the players who collect the most points in fantasy premier league are almost always midfielders. The reason of course being that they get points for just about anything, 5 points for a goal (that's 1 point more than attackers get..., and they even get a point for a clean sheet.

Last seasons top pointscorer was Luis Nani from Manchester United, midfielder. Second most points was gathered by Charlie Adam, who played for Blackpool and has since transfeered to Liverpool, with 192 points, and guess what position he plays... :) You get the drift.

The aformentioned players are not a bad place to start when choosing midfielders for your fantasy soccer team.

Over £8M

Midfielders are quite expensive, but I'd say there are two players you're guaranteed to get your moneys worth. They are Nani (£10M), as stated above and Malouda (£10.5M) from Chelsea. The most expensive midfielders this season are Frank Lampard from Chelsea and Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal. Both have a pricetag of £12M Both have been suffering injuries, and aren't to be purchased, not yet at least.

Under £8M

Every season of fantasy premier league, there are players who score points even if they cost considerabely less then their fellow midfielders. Last season Charlie Adam was a good example, now his price has of course skyrocketed. Under the 8M mark I'd recommend N'Zogbia who has trasferred from Wigan to Aston Villa. His price of 7.5M can be considered a bargain. Another budget midfielder comes from Queens Park Rangers. Adel Taarabt costs only £6.5M, but is without a doubt one of then most interesting midfielders this fantasy soccer season.


Ricardo said...

Interesting and good picks. I personally think you should probably put some more names on the table. I definitely agree with Nani and Malouda.

Fantasy Premier League Tips said...

I have nani and taarabt so we'll see how these two picks work out this season