Friday, September 2, 2011

Wildcard in English Premier League Fantasy Football

I bet many of the managers in English Premier League would like to have one wildcard in their possession when the season begins. Unfortunately they don't, but the players of fantasy premier league get, not only one but two wildcards to use. One you can use any time of the season and the other during gameweeks 20 to 23.

Wildcard is of course a chance to look over your team, and change the players to your likings. If you want, you can change every player in your football team. There has always been many different opinions as to when to use your wildcards to gain maximun advantage. Some say to use very early on in the premier league season, and some think you should save your opportunity until you're team value has increased. Thought process in that being of course that with more money you can buy better players for you fantasy premier league team.

My opinion is that using your wildcard early on is a good decision if the team you chose in the beginning of the English Premier League season just isn't performing to their abilities. The math is simple, every gameweek you get less points than you should be, and the more gameweeks you do that, the less points you're getting. But if using the wildcard improves your team dramatically, your also scoring more points every gameweek. And again, the more gameweeks, the more points.

If however, you managed to assemble a team that is doing very well in premier league fantasy football, you should hold on to your wildcard and wait for a better time to use it. One such better time is of course if games get delayed and many so called double gameweeks occur. Using you wildcard knowing that many of the player transferred in will play one or more double gameweeks, can lead to incredible results.

So what is your opinion, when should fantasy football managers use their wildcard?

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