Monday, August 8, 2011

Goalkeeper picks and tips for your Fantasy Premier League Team season 2011/2012

Less than week to go until the begininng of the Fantasy Premier League, so it's about time to start looking at the top picks and tips for your team. I'll try to give comments about the best player for your team in every price range. So, no more blabbering, let's get right to business.


Over £6M
At the top of the price list for goalkeepers are ManCity's Joe Hart and Chelsea's Petr Cech. Out of these to I'd pick Hart. He played a great fantasy soccer season last year with 175 points edging out Cech with 17 points. Manchester City has been quite active on the transfer market again this season, and I think they just might have the team to go all the way. ManU's Van der Saar called it quits last season and the pressure of catching balls has been transferred to one David de Gea. This Atletico Madrid transfer has the pricetag of 6.5M and is only half a mill cheaper then Hart and Cech but might a good buy on the long run.

Under £6M
We're all after a successfull budget goalkeeper aren't we. Best choices would seem to be Wigan's Al-Habsi costing 4.5M and WBA's Foster with a 5M tag. Out of these two I'd start with Al Habsi for the soul reason of fixtures. While Wigan's first three matches are against Norwich, Swansea and QPR, WBA opens with matches against ManU, Chelsea and Stoke.

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boumavilla said...

Hiya, just looking at blogs and I stumbled past this one, looks good! :)
I picked Given and Ruddy for my fantasy football, looking at the statistics too, it looks as if Given is the favourite goalie to pick!
Have a look at my blog too! Just started!