Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Using the wildcard in Fantasy Premier League

First, what is a wildcard? Wildcard is one chance to transfer all the players in your fantasy premier league team, without any cost, that of course meaning reducting your points. Of course you don't have to change all your players, but when using the wildcard it's wise to transfer at least half of your current team.

It's not easy to say what is the best time to use the wildcard in fantasy premier league. Usually people think that it is wise to save it until at least the half of the league has been played. However it may sometimes be a good move to use the wildcard even early on of the fantasy soccer manager game. If after say 4 gameweeks you realize that the choises you made in the beginning of the game don't give you points you're happy with, you should consider using the wildcard.

Let's try an example: With the existing players you get about 40 points per gameweek and you postpone the wildcard for 15 gameweeks. If using of the wildcard improves your weekly score, say, ten points, you would have lost 150 points during those gameweeks. Of course it's possible to alter your squad using the weekly free transfers, but making huge differents is much harder that way.

So, if you're in place where your current squad isn't bringing in the points you need; use the wildcard. I promise you it's better to use it early in in such case.


Anonymous said...

thanks m8

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would like to use my first wildcard this gameweek, but where can I find it and how to use it? Simple instructions, please.

Johnathon said...

Do the transfers you wish to do, and continue, but before confirming your transfers, use the wildcard function. That should show that transfers don't cost you any points.