Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tottenham and Chelsea continue strongly, Everton still struggles

Tonight's games gave us one surprise and that can be counted either as riser team Burnley's strong play or Everton's continueing struggle to perform. Burnley took another one goal victory against a team considered much stonger at their homefield. Elliott scored Burnley's goal at the 34th minute of the match. And just like in the game against ManU opponent couldn't score even from penalty kick as Saha kicked the penalty wide. Way to go Burnley.

Tottenham took third victory of the season and climbed to number one spot in Premier league table. Team was already behind one goal as West Ham's striker Cole scored a goal in the beginning of the first half. But it was goals by Defoe and Lennon which carried the team into another win.

Chelsea played against Fulham and gave the home team no chance what so ever. Chelsea's striker pair Drogba and Anelka both scored one and gave one assist as Chelsea took second win of the season with score 0-2. And with many high class players even in reserve it seems even injuries couldn't stop this train from heading towards their ultimate goal of the season, the championship.

English Premier League results 23.8.2009

West Ham - Tottenham 1-2
Burnley - Everton 1-0
Fulham - Chelsea 0-2

Fulham vs Chelsea highlights

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