Sunday, August 23, 2009

Premier Fantasy League - Player Card - Frank Lampard

Chelsea FC v Inter MilanI thought I'd begin a new weekly post here on my Premier Fantasy League blog: Player cards.

And who better a player to start then mister Premier Fantasy League himself, Frank Lampard. O'l Frankie has been the key player in many Fantasy soccer teams for many years now.

Lampard begin his professional soccer career in West Ham United and was sold to Chelsea in the year 2001 for £11M. From thereon he appeared on field a record breaking 164 consecutive times. In Chelsea Lampard has played 288 times and scored 85 goals, to date.

In the 3 years of Premier Fantasy League Lampard has scored 34 goals, given 32 assists and collected 91 bonus points. He was the player with most points last season with 226 points.

He's in 29.7% of the teams and I suspect his price could be 20M and his success would remain the same. As for me, I can pretty much tranfer any player, but not Lampard.

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