Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gameweek 24 - Fantasy Premier League Tips - Time for a big one!

Gameweek 24 is soon upon us and this is the gameweek to succeed. Fantasy Premier League has 6 teams playing double gameweek, so make sure you have as many players as you can from these 6 teams. Which are of course: Blackpool, Man Utd, Wigan, Aston Villa, Liverpool and Fulham.

This weeks all the hottest tips come from these teams...So here we go...

Let's start with Blackpool's players. These players are a great choise if you happen to be on a budget with your transfers. For example midfielder Charlie Adam is an awesome choise, 3 goals 4 assists, price of £5.5M and a double gameweek coming, if you don't yet have him in your squad, it's about time you buy him. Another cheap player is striker Luke Varney, his stats 5 goals and 4 assists are equally impressive and with pricetag of £4.7M you really can't beat the offer.

Then let's check out Wigan. Another choise for those on  a budget is Wigan's N'Zogbia. £5.5M isn't all that bad a price, though you should remember that Wigan's playing Arsenal and Aston Villa, not the easiest opponents in the league.

Fulham has actually one player to look out for, and that's Clinton Dempsey. While not in such great form that he was earlier in the season, still a top player. And with Fulham going again't Stoke and Liverpool, I'd really think Dempsey will do fine this gameweek.

Liverpool has been on a downward spiral this season and the only player you'd really want to have in your team, Torres. is way too espensive, so no-one from Liverpool gets a tipfor this gameweek on Fantasy Premier League.

Aston Villa is another team with double gameweek, but with another opponent being ManCity, you can't really count that. Midfielders Downing and A Young are in allright form, but they may not be all that good buys anyway.

And last but not least is Manchester United. ManU is on the top of the league and has many many players to have in your team. Defender's Vidic and Evra, if you can afford them, buy them. Midfielder Nani and Forward Berbatov also present the ultimate value this gameweek.

Let's make at least 100 points this gameweek!!!

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