Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 25 - Welcome Back Mr Van Persie

Gameweek 24 with it double matches went very well, my tips for fantasy premier league performed admirably, and that's always nice. I even hit the 100 points mark I was after with 113 points.

But it's again time for another gameweek, and let's see if I can succeed as well this week as the previous.

We have many great matches this gameweek in fantasy premier league, but let's start with Arsenal vs Everton. Arsenal's striker Van Persie has been making a splendid comeback with 5 goals scored in last 2 matches, and his hot streak might just continue against Everton. Van Persie's price is still under £10M mark, so he is a catch compairing to the likes of Drogba and Rooney.

ManU goes against ASton Villa this week in english premier league, and Berbatov who also scored impressive 5 goals last gameweek (though in 2 different matches). Aston Villa took 2 very impressive wins last gameweek, and it seems that newly arrived Darren Bent has really woken up the team. Still ManU is a team of a whole different calibre, so tough match for Villa.

Bolton started the season amazing but has been taking a big leap backwards in the last few games. Now they host Wolves on their home turf, and it's time for Bolton to once again show what they are made of. Bolton strikers Elmander and Davies are extremely affordable forwards and this just mgith be their gameweek in fantasy premier league.

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Mell 10-11 said...

Really sad for the Spurs lost, but mathematically they are not out of the equation yet, remember Inter?:D