Sunday, January 24, 2010

How to make good transfer-decisions in Premier Fantasy League?

Transfers, those are hard. Many times it just so happens that the player you transferred out, the one that didn't score in 8 last games, scores a hatrick. How did that happen...? Trust me, I know the feeling. In Fantasy Premier League, it is however impossible to do good, without the right transfers in the right time.

Here are few pointers to get you started with intellegent transfers.

1. Transfer in hot players and out cold players. To determine that, just look at the 3 last games of each player, no more, no less. Sometimes you end up in a situation where your player, purchased with high hopes, fails. Again and again. Don't tolerate that. In Fantasy Premier League it's like baseball, three strikes and you're out.

2. Never captain your just intransferred player, unless you transferred you're last captain to him. Captain's are pretty much forever, making hasty captain decisions hoping to get great scores almost never works.

3. Making extra-transfers is very costly. 4 points is very hard to make up. So when considering an extra transfer, make sure you take in account the other player must get 4 more points, just to break even.

4. Make transfers in accordance with the upcoming fixtures. Buying a player from a team whose next opponents are ManU, Chelsea ands Arsenal is hardly a great decision, no matter how hot the player is. Also take into consideration double gameweeks. While it's never wise to transfer players just for the double gameweek, it might be advantegous to collect for those players in weeks before.

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