Thursday, September 17, 2009

How to find Value players in Fantasy Premier League?

Well I'll tell you. You might have noticed the Valuescore-counter in the top right corner of the site. With that you can count the value of each player in that how much points the player gives when comparing to his price. That of course leads to very expensive players being in disadvantage so keep that in mind when you count valuescore to players like Torres or Lampard.

The goal in Fantasy premier league is collecting as many points each gameweek as you can. To do that you have 100M to buy the players in your team. That means you want to get as many points as you can per every million you have spend. With Valuescore counter you get a definite number so you can compare which players and from which price groups give you the best value.

Here are Valuescores for few players:
Sorensen, Stoke 107
Cech, Chelsea 40
Given, ManCity 64

Johnson, Liverpool 89
Faye Ab, Stoke 96
Terry, Chelsea 35

Lampard, Chelsea 45
Lennon, Tottenham 60
Hunt, Hull 64

Drogba, Chelsea 62
Bent, Sunderland 58
Berbatov, ManU 25


e-Soccertips said...

I guess in the Kuyt is a good option in midfield along with Phillips. Rooney & Defoe as striker.

fbl said...

Out of the 4 I'd prefer Wright-Phillips and Defoe. Rooney seems to be in great shape but with that price, unless you're going to make him a captain, he is a little pricey. As for Kuyt, I don't think he's going to keep up with his current speed.

e-Soccertips said...

well I guess selection of players depend on the fixtures as well .. for example this week two matches were predicted to be high scoring matches .. Liverpool & Tottenham and I Torres scored 3 goals while Keane scored 4 goals ..