Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Which players to have in your Fantasy Premier League Team - Forwards

Football - Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur Barclays Premier League

Buying forwards for your team might be the toughest job when creating your Fantasy Premier League team. While usually quite expensive, most of the time forwards will only get very little points. However with forwards it's very important to keep the player for a few gameweeks, changing forwards every gameweek will surely lead to situations where the player you had last gameweek scores 2 goals... I've been there, that sucks.

Again, you know the drill, 3 forwards from different price categories to have in your Fantasy Premier League team.

11.5M Fernando Torres, Liverpool
Torres is going to be very popular player, and for good reason. 14 goals last season while not even playing all games is an amazing complishment. This season Torres is probably going to do ever better so, if you can afford him, you should include Torres in your Fantasy Premier League Team.

8.5M Carlos Tevez, Manchester City
Transferred from ManU, Tevez should be getting a little more playtime in City, even with stars like Adebayour and Robinho in the same team. With this price tag, Tevez is most advantegous of the trio.

7M Carlton Cole, West Ham
Cole scored impressing 10 goals last season and is a good buy for 7M.

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