Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fantasy Premier League Tips Gameweek 2

What a rush! It's always feels great when the English Premier League starts. And that's all because of Fantasy Premier League.

As it always happens, last minute decisions were made after I found out that Drogba indeed was going to play the first match against WB. I'm just sorry I didn't have the time to write that info here on FPLBlog.

Out of my choices, Samba did very good, Foster played an ok game, and Drogba was tremendous. All the rest, well let's just say they better get their act together if they want to play for my Fantasy premier league team for long.

So, it's time for the tips for gameweek 2. Chelsea heads off to play against Wigan and it seems that Drogba, Malouda and Lampard are very good players to have in your team. If you can afford them, everyone of those players is worth a transfer. (not all of course, because extra transfers cost you points, but you could choose any of them :)

Gameweek 2 also sees Arsenal rivaling Blackpool, a team that surprised everyone with an ashtonishing win over Wigan. Unfortunately they will be put back in their place when Arsenal takes a go at them.

Talking about Arsenal, you might want to keep yoor eyes on Chamakh. He played the whole game and didn't play all that bad. Of course when Van Persie returns, it might be harder for him to fit the starting formation. Nice start still.

Aston Villa takes on Newcastle and Villa's players are bound to make great points also this gameweek. Youngling Marc Albrighton played an amazing match against West Ham scoring 9 points, and with a pricetag of £4.5M, not a bad bargain we have there.

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