Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Antonio Valencia - The Next King of Fantasy Premier League?

Playing fantasy football manager games means one thing: you're always after the next hot player. That could be Manchester United midfielder Antonio Valencia. The Ecuador-born player has been part of ManU for half a season now and has already broken his previous EPL-record with 5 goals scored and 6 assisted.

The start of the season was a bit slow for the skilled midfielder but he has surely picked up the pace in last 8 games, which have brought him 3 goals and 4 assists. Valencia's rising form hasn't gone unnoticed as he's currently in 16.3% of the all the teams in Fantasy Premier League. And with the price of £8.7M, you could do much worse.

Currently Valencia has collected an impressive 102 points and is in fourth place among midfielders, and the names in front...Fabregas, Lampard and Aston Villa's season surprise Milner. Not too shabby a group to be in. And with many matches still to come in English Premier League, Antonio Valencia may very well be able to break the 200-point mark before the end of the season.

As for the question in the title... The pieces are all there. When you are the number one midfielder in Manchester United, with a skillset to score and assist goals that help your team win the championship...He just might be crowned someday...

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