Wednesday, August 12, 2009

You're the manager - Lampard or Gerrard

Sports News - October 26, 2008

Fantasy Premier League is filled with tough decisions. Should I do this or that, should I buy who and when and how much. One of the toughest decicions comes when you have to choose from two great stars, Frank Lampard or Steven Gerrard, that is of course if you don't happen to be a huge Chelsea fan or you've been rooting for Liverpool since you were born.

Why can't I buy both, I hear someone asking. Well you can, but let's be honest, you wont. These two players hardly ever can co-exist in the same Fantasy Premier League Team.

For me the answer is clear. Many years Frank Lampard has been the cornerstone of my FPL team. We've had ups and down, two goal nights and red cards, but still I never abandoned Ol' Frankie. And in the end Lampard always gave me those extra points to win the gameweek againt my co-workers.

So which is it for you?

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