Thursday, August 20, 2009

Premier Fantasy League Gameweek 3 Tips

Football - Arsenal v Middlesbrough Barclays Premier League

First two rounds of English Premier League have been played and the third is just around the corner. Let's see which players should perform well in gameweek 3.

Let's first look at the fixture table:

Arsenal v Portsmouth
Birmingham v Stoke
Hull v Bolton
Manchester City v Wolverhampton
Sunderland v Blackburn
Wigan v Manchester United
West Ham v Tottenham
Burnley v Everton
Fulham v Chelsea
Liverpool v Aston Villa

Two teams from the fixture list pop out, and those are Arsenal and Manchester City. Both teams took convincing victories the first round and are now playing in homefield against weaker opponents.

Player-wise, I think Arsenal's Arshavin will improve considerably and get himself out the shadow created by Fabregas' opening game perfomance. Manchester City has able defenders whose price's at the moment are lower then they should be. Dunne, Bridge and Richards all have under 6M pricatags and are bargain players for your Fantasy team.

I had high hopes for City's new signing Tevez, but at least according to the first game his playtime might be lower than expected, if he remains a substitute player. Other new signing Adebayor on the other hand seems to be getting a lot of trust from the coach and he will be a major pointshark when playing in a winning team.

Another high scorer this gameweek might come from Sunderland. Playing against Blackburn the team should do well and Darren Bent might continue his whole season long goal-streak. Also worth mentioning is defender Danny Collins, who took 8 points (2 bonus points) from the season-opening match against Bolton.

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