Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Looking for cheap players for your Fantasy Premier League Team?

Premier League: Manchester City Draw At Anfield

Aren't we all. When choosing your team for the Fantasy Premier League, you also have to buy little cheaper players to afford the big stars. And usually these cheap players are the ones who make all the difference in how good you do in the league. These so called "sleepers" are also extremely hard to find, so when you think you've found one, act fast, because their prices usually go up quite fast.

Here are few players that have a chance to permorm much better than their prices would imply.

6M Jordi Gomez, Wigan

Gomez was on loan in Swansea last season where he showed his skills with 12 goals scored. Now returning to Wigan, I believe he'll prove to be a good acquisition in your team.

5M Ricardo Gardner, Bolton.

This Bolton's midfielder did quite well last season with 4 goals and 2 assists. With his contract being extended until 2011 he'll be sure get the playing time to score points.

5M Leiva Lucas, Liverpool

Liverpool's manager Rafael Benitez words in the Independet were "Lucas has been the best player in pre-season. He showed why again against Atletico. He is really focused, working hard and is showing quality." With Xabi Alonso leaving to play for Real Madrid, Lucas should become a starting formation player and I'm sure he'll capitalize on that.


Anonymous said...

all duds so far

fbl said...

Some you hit, some you miss. :)