Friday, August 14, 2009

Last minute tips for Fantasy Premier League 09/10

The clock is ticking, and it's only hours until the opening matches begin in this year's Fantasy Premier League. Time for some last minute tips to start this years league strongly.

Remember! Changes made before the start of the season are still free, and don't cost any points.

Be sure to check that all your chosen players are in playing condition. If the players 'info'-button is red or yellow (Red means, the player is injured, from info-page you can see what's the injury and the projected time it takes to heal, yellow means there might be something wrong with the player and he might not play), you better choose another player to play this gameweek.

Check who you have placed as a captain, and make sure he's team isn't playing against one of the "big teams" (ManU, Chelsea, Liverpool...) Because the captain gets double the points, the choice who to captain is usually one of the most important decisions made each gameweek. In the upcoming season, you also get an Emergency Captain. That means, if the player you chose as captain doesn't play, your captain will be either the most expensive player on your team or the one with the highest form. You can choose which one below your captain choise.

Check your formation. Some gameweeks it might be advantageous to play with 3 forwards and sometimes you want to give all your defenders playing time. For example if you have invested a lot money in defense, it might be a good move to give all your defenders the playing time.

And the last tip, but not the least. Tranfers. You get one free tranfer each gameweek. It's a wise move to use it, in almost any given situation. For multiple transfers you lose 4 points per transferred player. New twist in this years Fantasy Premier League is that you can save your free transfer for one gameweek. So if you want, you can do no tranfers in one week and get 2 free transfer the next.

Ok, that was about it. Hopefully these tips were helpfull and you get a strong start in Fantasy Premier League 09/10.

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