Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fantasy Premier League trend check


After the first round a huge transfer-frenzy started. Players get transferred in such speed you'd think half the premier league's been injured. At the top of the wanted list are names like Jason Koumas with 66,563 transfer in and Rodallega with the 49,817.
Wigan is burning hot in the transfer market.

Of course when you get players you also have to let go players. Players with a big minus sign include ManU's Ferdinand (42,523 tranfers out) but he's got a good explanation as he's injured. Everton's Neville and Arsenal's Arshavin however have just played the WHOLE season so poorly, they can't find playtime in many Fantasy Premier League teams. Neville has been kicked out of team 32,042 times, Arshavin only 30,002 times.

Speaking of playtime, king of that category is, quite surprisingly, defender Hengeland from Fulham. Hengeland is in whopping 40% of all teams. Number two in the list is Stoke City's goalkeeper Sorensen, 38%. That just shows good and cheap rarely come in the same package. And when they do, players of Fantasy Premier League will surely take advantage of the situation.

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